Czech Republic To many Prague is more romantic than Paris. And indeed, when one strolls to the Charles bridge in the very early morning to witness the beauty of the city before the hordes of tourists flock the streets, Prague is simply magical.
Holland & Zeeland Autumn 2021
A quick 2021 Autumn visit to the Holland and Zeeland provinces of the Netherlands. (Temporary Album)
Praia do Camilo
Lagos, Portugal The sun caresses her body. Her long locks, silverwhite, roll with the wind. She curves herself, onto the sand. I watch her from above, admire her, maybe even love her. Alone, together. Steps down the stairs, getting closer, as much as I dare. She looks gorgeous this morning. But she, doesn't care. "The Morning Sea" by me, 8 February 2021.
the Netherlands Everybody knows Amsterdam, but less people know that on the other end of the first railway line of the Netherlands lies Haarlem, capital of the Dutch province of Noord-Holland and the place where the New York neighbourhoud got its name from. A small series made during a brief visit.
Portugal Floating through fluffy clouds I descend from the heavens to an exotic green island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This pretty much sums up my very first experience of Madeira, the lushly green and versatile oasis.
Croatia "If you want to see paradise on Earth, come to Dubrovnik." | George Bernard Shaw, 20th Century Irish playwright and political activist
Zeeland, the Netherlands "My ship is already arriving, I look up from the beach, writing in the sand, is done for me now." | From Dansen aan Zee, a song by Peter Slager / Paskal Jakobsen of contemporary Vlissingen rockband BLØF
Bergamo - Città Alta
Lombardia, Italy High above the modern, rises the ancient. Narrow cobblestone streets shielding the sun. Arches and churches, tourists and locals. One can spend hours living.
Croatia Once part of the Venice Republic, now probably the most romantic spot on the Adriatic coast. A place where one month in the year thousands dance until the sun rises.
Germany "Berlin, the greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine." | Legendary 20th and 21st Century British singer-songwriter David Bowie
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