Karkonosze National Park
Karkonosze National Park, in the Silesia region is the highest part of the Sudetes in Poland.
Ojcow National Park
Ojcow is like stepping into some sort of Narnia. A little north of the city, the village and surrounding national park are, especially in summer, a popular day escape from Kraków.
An autumn hike up to the top of Mount Klimczok, 1117m ASL.
A popular day escape from Kraków the village's wooden houses in the give Lanckorona a nice touch.
Chasing the Czorsztynskie Sunset
Lake Czorsztynskie in the far south of Poland is known for its castles and its mystical views of the Tatra Mountains a bit further south. A small winter series from my February journey.
Old Lady Mountain
A winter hike up to the top of Mount Babia Góra, Southern Poland.
The city of Poznań is famous for its St. Martin croissant, but even if you don't bare the same name as the tasty bite, it is a delight to visit.
Shipyards, German-Dutch-Flemish architecture, a good night and day life and the birthplace of Solidarity: Gdańsk.
Looking proud on the banks of the Wisła river (Vistula), the former royal city of Kraków is remarkably easy going.
While children run for icecream, a rockband plays on the corner, the procession makes its own way around the Maria Cathedral (Bazylika Mariacka) at Kraków's main square (Rynek Główny).
Wroclaw is the fourth largest city of Poland and the biggest of the Silesia region. It's often referred to as the trendy small cousin of East Berlin.
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