In Piran, Slovenia, 2019. Photo by Magdalena Pezdek.

Marcel Burger is a very experienced journalist, Scandinavia correspondent and language teacher. More commonly known as The Nordic Reporter he has been shooting photos ever since his uncle and aunt inspired him to buy his first SLR when he was 16 years young.
Born in the Netherlands Marcel moved to Sweden in 2006, for love. He wrote a travel guide book as thick as a brick about his new home country, became a correspondent / fixer for Belgian and Dutch media and guides 6 to 19 year old kids and teenagers through the Swedish elementary and secondary schools.
A love later Marcel has expanded his regular whereabouts across the Baltic Sea into Poland, and currently divides his time living and working from the Stockholm/Uppsala area and Warsaw. An envious friend calls him "The Traveller" and despite COVID19 putting a hold on much of Marcel's journeys planned in 2020, he is confident that new discoveries can be made in the near future.
If you would like Marcel to work for or travel with you, or wish to grill him for your own report on loads of Scandinavian or Polish topics including the Swedish education system, write him a nice message. He speaks Dutch, English and Swedish, he understands some other languages pretty well and has a useful network in Poland. Be advised he is a native Dutchman, hard Gs and all, but you may as well recognize him by his slight Antwerp accent on Belgian VRT Radio 1.
(DO NOT contact Marcel with press releases, freebies or requests to buy links / advertisements.)
Thank you!
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