In the Chochołowska Valley, Southern Poland. Photo by QD.

Hi! I'm a very experienced journalist and trained language teacher. I've been shooting photos ever since my uncle and aunt inspired me to buy my first SLR when I was 16 years young.
I was born in the Netherlands, and moved to Sweden in 2006. Here I wrote a travel guide book as thick as a brick about my new home country, was a correspondent / fixer for Belgian and Dutch media and I guided 6- to 19-year-old youngsters through Swedish elementary and secondary schools.
After popping across the Baltic Sea every now and then, I left Sweden after 15 years and resettled in Kraków, Southern Poland. From here I work as a news and content creator since Summer 2021.
I still keep an eye on Scandinavia, and regularly publish news in brief and longer stories as The Nordic Reporter (click here for
/Marcel Burger
Drop me a line or send me a message. I speak Dutch, English and Swedish, and understand a few other languages pretty well.
(DO NOT contact me with press releases or requests to buy links / advertisements.)
Thank you!
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