Although I initially obtained an official diploma to be a tourist (worker), at heart I am a trained and experienced news journalist turned into a radio correspondent and TV team fixer, turned into a digital and print content creator. In short, I like to talk to people, consider making potentially boring stuff interesting a great challenge, and structure & tweak websites. Away from the job, I love to explore more of Europe.

In Monopoli, Puglia, Italy (Photo by AvdB)

Short professional bio
Since 2021 Marcel Burger works as a news and content creator in Kraków, Poland. Before that he was a radio correspondent, news reporter and TV fixer in Sweden for Belgian and Dutch media - for more than a dozen years. His employers included VRT Radio 1, NOS Nieuwsuur, ANP and TweeVandaag/EenVandaag. Marcel was also one of the two founding members of - which was one of the few aviation related websites breathing quality journalism and writing in the years 2013 till 2018. In 2008 Elmar publishing company released Marcel's extensive travel guide in Dutch on Sweden, Copenhagen and Oslo, called Wereldwijzer Zweden.
Before his move to Sweden in 2006, Marcel was editor-in-chief, senior editor and regular editor of business, special interest and government magazines in the Netherlands. In the earlier years of his career, he also wrote short news stories for the ANP news agency and Metro newspaper in the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel.
Outside of journalism, Marcel has been a language teacher and extra resource in Swedish elementary and lower-secondary schools over the course of 9 years until his move to Poland. He started his working life in the Netherlands at the turn of the Millennium, as a change communicator dedicated to a substantial reorganisation within critical national services.
Where were the photos on this site taken?
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