The skyline of Kraków on a scrisp January afternoon

View over Kraków on a fresh early January morning

Taking photos ever since my uncle and aunt inspired me to buy my first DSL at the age of 16. I was born in Holland, moved to the eastern part of the Netherlands, emigrated to Sweden. Here I wrote a travel guide book as thick as a brick about my new home country, was a correspondent for Belgian and Dutch media and I helped youngsters through Swedish elementary and secondary education. 15 years after settling in the land of the Vikings I popped over to the southern side of the Baltic Sea, and found my home in Kraków, Poland. The third time's the charm.
This is me in the Chochołowska Valley in Southern Poland. It is the beginning of Spring and the photo is taken by the one I love. It was certainly not the first time for me in Poland, and neither the first time in the Tatra Mountains, but I guess the frame captures me at my best: exploring the land with the camera at hand - in the best company possible.
I invite you to browse through my albums, read the stories about places that are either close by or far away, and get inspired to discover wherever you want to go. Sometimes revisiting a spot almost around the corner is enough fun, other times the true longing goes beyond the horizon.
2024 has been a year of change, at least for this blog. I started the year revamping the site, and I over the past months I have revisited many of the places I have been by publishing the photos of those journeys, some of that material for the very first time. Moreover, I am writing the stories to it. I hope you like it. Let me know via the simple message form underneath the update block underneath.
Marcel Burger
Kraków, 30 May 2024

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Former Belgian Air Force Republic F-84F Thunderstreak from 1952 at the Polish Aviation Museum in Kraków.

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