Tales from Wolverine Lake
"There is shimmer in the clouds and glitter in the lake, (...) and around it the beautiful forest stands green." | Gustaf Fröding, 19th and 20th Century Swedish author, journalist and poet. Location: Lake Wolverine, Gävleborg, Sweden
South of the Lake Mälaren the land is filled with castles and old trade towns. Locations: Eskilstuna, Mariefred, Strängnäs, Täxinge. Södermanland, Sweden
Tivedens National Park
Known to be one of the wildest of Southern Sweden. Rough rocks, forest lakes and a hide-out for the trolls. Location: Tivedens National Park, Örebro and Väst Götaland, Sweden
Strategically located in the Baltic Sea, eyed upon by many rulers of past and present. Location: Gotland, incl. UNESCO World Heritage of Visby, Sweden
Cosiest of Scandinavia
"Denmark is like a big family of people." | Susanne Bier, 19th and 20th Century renowned film director from Denmark Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
High Up in Vålådalen
A landscape with touching mountains and deep valleys, wrapped in fog. Locations: Ottfjället in Vålådalen and Björnen in Åre, Jämtland, Sweden
Where the Walloons Went
From Belgium they came, to build Sweden's industry when it was still being invented. Location: Vallonbruk, Uppland, Sweden
Rising from the fjord like a submarine made out of stone and glass. Series from 2009, a year after the opening. Location: Oslo, Norway
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