Uppsala is the forth largest city of Sweden and was once the capital of the kingdoms' lands of Svealand, still the name for the central part of the country. For me Uppsala was the first place I visited in Sweden, back in 2001. It later became my hometown for more than a decade. * new gallery: 28 January 2023
Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Photos taken in 2001 and later. * photos added 20 January 2023
To some known as the heart of Sweden, these is the land of the famous wooden horse.
Fjällnora and lake Ramsen
Only 15 minutes drive from the Swedish city of Uppsala lies the Fjällnora Recreation and Nature Area. In Summer the lakes are a popular swim spot. Especially lake Ramsen is a nice hike-around in winter time as well.
Facing the predictions of an almost snow-free Christmas a friend and I set out to find a proper winter in Vemdalen.
Kullaberg Peninsula
Pointing its nose to Denmark, the rocky Kullaberg Peninsula of Sweden is illustrated with forests, small bits of grazing lands and even a golf course.
Arctic Winter
High up in Sweden lies a land that turns into a different planet when winter comes: step with me into the Arctic Circle.
In the far north of Sweden lies a formal coastal church village from the 1300s. Due to lower sealevels Gammelstaden is now situated inland.
Gateway to Sweden
An autumn stroll through Malmö, the Gateway to Sweden when coming from mainland Europe.
Norra Lunsen Nature Reserve
Just a Swedish mile (10 km) from the main square of the city of Uppsala lies a great escape: Norra Lunsen Nature Reserve.
Öland, the second largest island of Sweden, is known to be a busy place. Especially during the summer.
Tyresta National Park
Stockholm's own old-growth forest has been battered by time and a massive 1999 fire, which still leaves a big impact more than 20 years later.
Tales from Wolverine Lake
Lake Wolverine is an idyllic spot somewhat south of Söderhamn on the east coast of Central Sweden.
South of the Lake Mälaren, Sweden, the land is filled with castles and old trade towns. Photo Locations: Eskilstuna, Mariefred, Strängnäs, Täxinge.
Tivedens National Park
Tivedens is known to be one of the wildest national parks of Southern Sweden. Rough rocks, forest lakes and a hide-out for the trolls.
Strategically located in the Baltic Sea, eyed upon by many rulers of past and present. Gotland has much to offer, such as the dreamy UNESCO World Heritage medieval city of Visby.
Copenhagen: Cosiest Capital of Scandinavia
Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, is a delight to visit. Seen from Sweden it is the gateway into Europe. Seen from mainland Europe it is the gateway to the rest of Scandinavia.
High Up in Vålådalen
A landscape with touching mountains and deep valleys, wrapped in fog. Ottfjället in Vålådalen and Björnen in Åre. Jämtland, Sweden
Where the Walloons Went
From Belgium they came, to build Sweden's industry when it was still being invented. The name of the Walloons lives on, as Vallonbruk, Uppland, Sweden.
Rising from the fjord like a submarine made out of stone and glass. The Operahouse of Oslo, Norway, as witnessed in 2009, a year after the opening.
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