Norra Lunsen Nature Reserve
Just a Swedish mile (10 km) from the main square of Uppsala, Sweden's fourth largest city in population, lies a great escape. Norra Lunsen Nature Reserve. A rocky forest terrain, wetlands, pine trees and even some rare species of plants and animals. The Upplands Trail's Stage 1 (Upplandsleden) goes right through the reserve. The hiking paths are the only main route here as there are no car or cycle routes through the area. From the starting point this part of the Upplands Trail takes you in 18 kilometres to Knivsta. Closer to this next town to the south the forest opens up to farmland. Location: Norra Lunsen Nature Reserve / Upplandsleden, Uppsala and Knivsta, Central Sweden
Öland, the second largest island of Sweden, is known to be a busy place. Especially during the summer. But at the beginning of May 2020, when travellers and governments alike were still much figuring things out about Corona, it was almost deserted. Avoiding social contact myself I maybe came across 30 people during my two days on the island, often on bigger distances. There were literally more cows on the road after dark one night than humans during the day. Holiday resorts were deserted like a war wiped out humanity, nature areas only had a handful of visitors, no foreigners at the UNESCO World Heritage landscape of the southern part of the island and no crowding around the 400 distinctive mills on the island. Locations: Lerkaka, Trollskogen, Böda, Grannkullaviken, Ottenby, Byrum on the island of Öland, Sweden
Tyresta National Park
Stockholm's own old-growth forest has been battered by time and a massive 1999 fire which still leaves a big impact more than 20 years later. But the shear beauty, for example on the hike from the Naturum visitors' centre to Lake Stensjön, is very much appreciated. Location: Tyresta National Park, Södertörn (Haninge / Tyresö), Stockholm region
Tales from Wolverine Lake
"There is shimmer in the clouds and glitter in the lake, (...) and around it the beautiful forest stands green." | Gustaf Fröding, 19th and 20th Century Swedish author, journalist and poet. Location: Lake Wolverine, Gävleborg, Sweden
South of the Lake Mälaren the land is filled with castles and old trade towns. Locations: Eskilstuna, Mariefred, Strängnäs, Täxinge. Södermanland, Sweden
Tivedens National Park
Known to be one of the wildest of Southern Sweden. Rough rocks, forest lakes and a hide-out for the trolls. Location: Tivedens National Park, Örebro and Väst Götaland, Sweden
Strategically located in the Baltic Sea, eyed upon by many rulers of past and present. Location: Gotland, incl. UNESCO World Heritage of Visby, Sweden
Cosiest of Scandinavia
"Denmark is like a big family of people." | Susanne Bier, 19th and 20th Century renowned film director from Denmark Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
High Up in Vålådalen
A landscape with touching mountains and deep valleys, wrapped in fog. Locations: Ottfjället in Vålådalen and Björnen in Åre, Jämtland, Sweden
Where the Walloons Went
From Belgium they came, to build Sweden's industry when it was still being invented. Location: Vallonbruk, Uppland, Sweden
Rising from the fjord like a submarine made out of stone and glass. Series from 2009, a year after the opening. Location: Oslo, Norway
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