Situated near the Polish border with Slovakia, south of lake Zywiec, lies a great hiking opportunity in and around the Lipowska Nature Reserve.
This nature area with easy hiking trails lies on the down slopes of the Lipowski Wierch peak (1,324 m/4,344 ft ASL), and once higher up it treats you with fine views of several rows of the Beskid mountains well into Slovakia and even Czechia.
The biggest attraction is the highpoint of Hala Rysianka, from which one can have excellent views of Poland's famous Babia Góra mountain and the higher Tatra Mountains range.
Even in late Autumn the trails that lead up to the higher view point have great relaxing possibilities, so make sure you bring a picnic blanket. If you left food at home, there are three so-called "schroniskos", shelters with rooms and tasty Polish meals including vegetarian options on or near the main trails.

At Hala Baracza (860m/2,821ft ASL)

At Hala Baracza

Near Hala Baracza. Evidence of extensive shepherd activities of which some still remains.

On the trail to Hala Redykalna. The summit a bit higher up lies at 1,067m/3,500ft above sea level.

Chapel at Hala Rysianka

Fading autumn light at Hala Rysianka (1,260m/4,134ft ASL)

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