Known for her moodiness, the Mount Babia Góra (The Old Lady) is not always the potentially easy hike up it seems to be. Tales of witches conferencing at the top at 1725 metres (5695 ft) ASL brings an extra dimension to this legendary rounded rock in Southern Poland. But on this winter day, she was in such a good mood - flirting with the Tatra lads in the distance all the time.

On the way to the top of the mountain, looking out on the clear Tatras on the horizon.

Closing in on the top.

At 1725m ASL, on the top of the mountain, we could clearly sense Spring was coming. The snow was already dripping down from the altitude mark.

Fourth time up on the top of the Babia Góra for me, first time in winter.

Babia Góra is certainly the biggest celebrity of the region. Her rounded shape is a sharp contrast to the pointy Tatras she flirts with.

Down in the valley of the Babia Góra, in the outskirts of Jabłonka, the Tatra Mountains looked amazingly crisp this day.

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