Above 2,200 metres in the Swish mountains lies the Axalp live-fire range for the country's air force.
Every year, apart from when it is bad weather, the Swiss Air Force demonstrates its capabilities with a live fire exercise open to the public, which has a safe designated view point about a kilometre from the target zone. 
Since World War II the fighter jocks of the strategically located independent mountain nation show their skills at the Axalp reange, since 1949 in jet aircraft. After the end of the Cold War, the Swiss military authorities opened it up for public viewing, with a traditional air show following the shooting exercises.
For those taking the hike up the mountain a breathtaking spectacle is enfolding, with fast jets rolling in, diving and breaking out of their strafing path, against the backdrop of the Alps. Meiringen Airbase is the supporting airfield for the operations, where one can get close to landing fighter jets and helicopters.
Photos from my coverage of the 2008 Axalp exercises.
At Meiringen
At nearby Alpnach, where most of the helicopters are operating from, including the legendary Alouette III
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